For our 11th anniversary, we will be having a picnic in Red Lion Square where there will be food and speakers including:

– Andrew Copson (Chief Executive of Humanists UK)
– A.C. Grayling (British Philosopher)
– Ste Richardsson (Co-organiser of xjwfriends)
– Terri O’Sullivan (Founder of xjwfriends)

We will then go to the Square Pig pub just on the corner at 30-32 Procter Street, London, Holborn WC1V 6NX

We will be joining several other groups including:

– Humanists UK
– Faith to Faithless
– Living Out (LGBT Christian group)
– London Black Atheists (LBA)
– Council of Ex Muslims of Britain (CEMB)
– Ex Haredi Jewish Community
– Ex-Seventh Day Group

* Just to remind everyone, we at xjwfriends are a faith-neutral group As such we are against not only Jehovah’s Witnesses, but we criticise all high-control religious groups such as Mormons, Haredi Jews and extreme Muslims. Even though we may not share their beliefs, we are neutral when it comes to less controlling religions, so Humanists, moderate Christians, Muslims and Jews can all attend.