Definite Meetups

  • 17 February 2018 – Truth Be Told Film Screening
  • 7 July 2018 – London Pride


Tentative Meetups

  • Summer Meetup and Christmas Dinner Vauxhall (Host: Ste Richardsson)
  • LGBT Bowling and London Pride (Host: Ste Richardsson)
  • Autumn and Spring Meetup Leicester (Host: Terri O’Sullivan)
  • Merice and Sofia York Meetups (Hosts: Merice and Sofia)
  • Stewart Bell -Edinburgh Meetups (Host: Stewart Bell)

Potential Film Screenings

  • Apostasy
  • World’s Apart (To Verdener)

Other Potential Events

  • British Museum Tour
  • Natural History Museum Tour
  • Ex Ultra Orthodox Jew Talk
  • Ex Muslim Talk (Host: Imtiaz Shams)
  • Faith to Faithless Talks (Host: Imtiaz Shams)
  • London Black Atheists – Religion and Race (Hosts: Ste, Audrey, Lorna)
  • LGBT Talks
  • Talks on Feminism, Gender and exJW
  • Exhibition of exJW Art
  • Concert of exJW Music
  • exJW Comedy Nights £££
  • WT Victims Memorial Day
  • Tea and cake

Please sign up for the group ( and RSVP to the events when they come up (usually a month or so before the event).