Host:  Terri (xJw Friends)

Venue: The Riverside Pub, Vauxhall

Date 22 July 2017


It’s 10 years since we first met up in the back of a library in Rochester, Kent. We drank tea and chatted about the JWs.

Then we realised, “Wouldn’t the pub be more fun?” And lo, the pub was more fun. So off we did trot to the pub in London, and the rest is history…

Let’s all get together and drink wine and be merry! Happy anniversary everyone!

p.s. Please remember that I’m organising these events for free and making no profit. I pay the organiser dues of £12/month out of my own pocket, so if you can, please paypal a smaaaaall amount to or bring some spare change to pay for the upkeep of the group. Thanks a lot.