Definite meetups

10 June – “Book of Mormon” theatre trip (definite)

8 July – London Pride (definite)

2 December – 10th Annual Xmas Dinner (definite)

Tentative Meetups

28 February – Cardiff meetup (Copthorne hotel, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff)

14 April – LGBT Bowling (European JW Support Group)

6 May – Admin Meeting and General meetup (Birmingham? Manchester?)


15 July – 10th Anniversary Summer Meetup, London 

22 July – Brighton Trans Pride

26 July – Watchtower Victims Memorial Day

5 August – Brighton Pride

2 September – 10th Anniversary Summer Meetup, Midlands 

October – Screening of “Truth Be Told”


Please sign up for the group ( and RSVP to the events when they come up (usually a month or so before the event).