The Christmas Dinner is just around the corner… Unlike another anticipated event, we DO know the day and the hour: Saturday the 10th of December 2016 at 7:00pm.
We have decided on the Riverside Pub in Vauxhall.

The Christmas menu will be publiched a few months before the meal;

The meal costs £28.95 for three courses, and £24.95 for two courses.   And so with the 12.5% service charge means it will be £32.57 for the three courses, or £28.07 for the two courses in total.

If you are eating with us, I need you to do two things:

1. Send a £15 deposit to the group PayPal Account:

2. Send your food order to with the subject line “XMAS ORDER”.


Remember, you don’t have to eat the dinner with us, you can just have drinks and bar snacks, in which case you don’t need to do anything except turn up (and let me know in advance so that extra chairs can be arranged).


We ask that you bring a small SECRET SANTA gift of no more than £5 to exchange on the day.


Are we not grateful that a fine banquet of literal food has been provided by the Riverside Pub where we can join in wholesome fellowship with like-minded ones? (wait for applause).

Stand firm and unwavering in your confidence that the imminent end of this present “year of things” (2015) will soon usher in a new year (2016), a year, not where we will cuddle dangerous wild animals and poisonous snakes, not where there is a dangerously large pile of reading glasses, crutches, walking sticks, hearing aids & kidney dialysis machines threatening to engulf us all, not where the ‘firmament’ has been placed back into the sky leading to perfect worldwide weather conditions, not where we will have polyester clothes, plastic beach balls and polystyrene cups full of fruit salad with no visible signs of industrialisation, not where we will have fake smiles pasted on our faces like demented Stepford wives… but a year which will be pretty much the same as this year, but better… oh yes, so much BETTER!

Hey there all your thirsty ones, come and drink life’s vodka free (well, it’s not free, but I’ll get to that in a minute).

Looking forward to seeing all of you!!


Directions to the Riverside Young’s pub:

Come out of exit 1 of Vauxhall station.

Keep walking forward until you are just at the beginning of Vauxhall bridge.

Turn left with the MI6 building directly behind you and walk along the riverside pathway.

Continue along the river past St George Wharf Pier, until you see an overhanging sign saying “Riverside Young’s” with a small golden ram above it.

p.s. Please remember that I’m organising these events for free and making no profit. I pay the organiser dues of £12/month out of my own pocket, so if you can, please paypal a smaaaaall amount to or bring some spare change to pay for the upkeep of the group. Thanks a lot.