It’s here again! Every Summer we have a big meetup at the Riverside pub in Vauxhall, London. And these events get huge! So make sure you are there!

This year will be no different…. Earlier in the day if you want to join Ste and the gang, there will be a British Museum tour which is hugely popular and definitely worth attending. That usually finishes around 12pm or just after….

Then meet us in the pub after. The pub serves food all day and night, and is reasonably priced for London. Drinks are also usual London prices.

There is a beautiful view of the river and the London skyline. If it’s a sunny day, we’ll sit outside and enjoy the sights…. If it’s not sunny, it’s pretty darn cosy inside too….. 🙂

Previous years we’ve had as many as 80 in attendance and people come from all over the world to attend.

I’m also going to make this open to ex Muslims, ex Mormons, ex Brethren, ex cult members and others. But it will probably be a lot more exJWs.

Partners welcome, or if you need to bring a friend, that is also cool. Parents who have children in the religion who want to come, feel free too. Over 18’s only.

We have one rule only in the exJW meetup group: NO preaching! lol I’m sure we can understand that one! So that means if you have a new religion, great for you, but don’t use our event to try to convert people. And if you are now an atheist, great, but don’t use our event to get people to think like you. Other than that, enjoy yourself!